How To Market Like The Pro You Are ...
Without Appearing Pushy Or Obnoxious

In building a business that provides personal or professional services, most people face a major challenge
when it comes to marketing.

Two factors contribute to this challenge.

The first is a lack of marketing training and know-how.   Few professional educational or certification programs include useful information and instruction in marketing or generating new business.  As good as many service-providers are at helping clients, a very small minority are equally skilled at attracting new clients.

Fortunately, there is a wealth of helpful information online to help fill this vacuum.

For example, check out these books or this website.  Each offers useful information to newcomers to marketing and marketing veterans alike.

The second factor is the inner critic that doesn't like marketing.

This inner voice tells many service-providers that marketing is for “businesses … not professionals”.

It's difficult to identify the root cause of this belief.

Maybe it's the distaste that many people feel about the stereotypical image of pushy, obnoxious sales people.  Perhaps it's an aversion to the mistaken belief that marketing services is little more than shameless self-promotion.  It might even be concern over what other people might think about a service-provider engaged in marketing.

Regardless of the cause, this inner negative messaging about marketing is more harmful than helpful. It reinforces the anti-marketing sentiment of those individuals who prefer to help clients to looking for new ones. 

Invariably, this aversion to marketing becomes a serious obstacle to ongoing, sustainable success.

The good news is that this obstacle can be overcome … notwithstanding any preconceived negative attitudes towards marketing.

Master Your Inner Critic: Get Over That Dislike of Marketing

For many years, Chris Salem has seen people aspiring to make changes and grow but struggled at different phases of their career and life.  

He is just like you, a regular person that has faced similar struggles.  

Chris shares from experience what has worked successfully through hard work and dedication to help in your challenges.

In managing their lives and businesses, many people focus on the effect but do not address the “root cause”.  

For example, many people experience problems associated with such issues as substance abuse, over-eating or stress. Frequently, these people tend to focus on problematic behaviors, while ignoring the probable causes of their actions.  

From a business perspective, many people don't like marketing, which they see as the explanation for their inability to generate new business. Unfortunately, they also ignore the reasons why they don't like marketing.

Master Your Inner Critic by Chris Salem 

helps you address the “root cause” of specific  challenges. 

It then helps you release the root cause. 

This makes it possible for you to create new habits that lead to better marketing and more new business.

5-Star Reviews

An International Best-Seller, the book has been well received by individual readers.

Here are two typical 5-star reviews:

Share Life's Wisdom

"Master Your Inner Critic is a good book that helps you deal with the critic inside you and start living a better life.  

"I found the book specifically effective because I was able to connect with the writer.  

"Christopher Salem writes out as a friend who is concerned about you and wants to share with you life's wisdom by providing you glimpses from his own life. 

"He is brutally truthful but his advice is sound.  

"I find that Salem's book has good potential ... as it addresses the concerns of attaining self-worth 

and living an enhanced life by overcoming the inner critic which most of us possess. 

"...I would recommend the book as a must read for everyone who wants to live a more fulfilling life."

"Success is like a cake recipe..."

"This book by Chris Salem outlines practical tips to help you to live a more meaningful, satisfying life and to reach your full potential. 

"But as was highlighted the change must come from you. 

"Which is why one of his seven steps to reaching your potential is embrace change. We have to be willing to change.

"The book is filled with tips, quotes and stories that, if followed, could really lead individuals to better themselves and feel more fulfilled in life. I totally agree with the idea that 'Success is like a cake recipe. When you follow the recipe you will succeed'."

Authentic Self-Help Tool: No Catch

Unlike many other self-help resources, Master Your Inner Critic is an authentic, stand-alone tool.  

It will provide you with the help you need to overcome any dislike of marketing as an obstacle to generating new business. 

There is no need for anything else: supplementary coaching, consulting, books, audio/video tapes or any other products that some authors like to up-sell and cross-sell from self-help books. 

This is an authentic and real self-help tool. There is no catch.

Value-Added Bonus
31-Day Clarity Session

Through this process, Christopher Salem will join you on your journey to success.

To know thyself is to have clarity around your story, to understand the theme of your life and to develop a real passion for your purpose. 

With 31 daily emails, Chris will help you explore the path to clarity about your individual story.

As you progress through the Clarity Session, you will move through 3 stages:

  •  1.  Becoming Aware
     2.  Documenting Your Goals, Mission, Vision and Personal Theme
     3.  Becoming Productive In Your New Power

If this tool were to be offered for sale, even at the token price of $.50/day the price would be $15.50.

But you can enjoy this valuable follow-up support free … with your purchase of Master Your Inner Critic.

Your Choice of 5 Formats

This book is available in six formats:

1.  PDF: 14 printable letter-size pages  

2.  Hard-Copy: DIY printing from your PDF file 

3.  EPUB:  Android … NOOK … NOOK Color … NOOK Tablet … iPad … iPhone … iPod Touch devices … Sony Reader … & other eReaders   

4.  MOBI for use on Kindle and Kindle Fire  

5.  AZW3 - Kindle Format 8 (KF8) is Amazon's newer version of AZW.

Your instantly downloadable book will arrive in Zip files.  Then you can unpack the file and move your preferred versions to whatever locations you want. 

You will also receive instructions regarding your 31-day Clarity Session.

It's Now Your Turn to Market Like A Pro

As long as you keep doing what you've always done, you will continue to get the results you have always gotten. 

In other words, as long as you continue to to dislike or abhor marketing, you will continue to struggle for new business. 

Isn't it time that you got over your dislike, self-doubt and perhaps fear of marketing and got on with generating the new business that you need, want and deserve?

Develop Your Sustainable Flow of New Business...

Few service-providers truly enjoy marketing.  For many, an inner voice tells them that marketing is for “businesses … not professionals”. 

This distaste for marketing unfailingly blocks the sustainable flow of new business that all businesses ... including those that provide services … need to thrive, let alone survive. 

Fortunately, negative attitudes towards marketing can be changed. 

Master Your Inner Critic can help identify and release whatever root cause results in an aversion to marketing.  

With the removal of an aversion to marketing, attracting new clients will become as straight-forward and gratifying as serving and satisfying ideal clients.

...Starting Now!

The total cost of both text and audio versions of Master Your Own Critic is less than a couple of Starbucks specialty coffees: $9.97 

But unlike the coffee, this book will help you overcome your mental obstacles to effective marketing that will continue to generate more new business. 

Buy your copy now ... start planning how you will generate more clients while you enjoy your next cup of coffee

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