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Regardless of the type of service that they provide, all service -providers face the same challenge in attracting new clients.
Like it or not, we are all perceived as being much the same as everyone else who provides the same or similar services.
In practice, this means that all lawyers are seen to be the same … all accountants are the same … all consultants in the same field are all the same … and so on and so on.
Realistically, nothing can be further from the truth.Because of your uniqueness and individuality, you are well qualified to stand out in a crowded and competitive market.
Successfully attracting clients depends on presenting yourself as trustworthy and competent in your area or areas of specialty.
As a result, you will emphasize these qualities in your marketing messages communications.
Personal branding allows you to enhance your marketing message so that you and your service stands above the crowd.
More specifically, it is how you create and position your brand that helps you occupy a distinctive place in the market and value in your clients' minds.
Your brand position shapes how potential clients identify your distinctiveness and recognize how you can help them.
What makes us unique as individuals?
It is the combination of physical, emotional, and intellectual attributes that contributes to how we think and act.
Four main factors contribute to your distinctiveness:
                1. Your personal image
                2. Your personality
                3. Your core competencies
                4. Your uniqueness
This book will help you identify these personal factors so that you can build you brand statement on them.
Online Training Courses

As adults we learn best, when there is an effective relationship between teacher and student.

This relationship,...or learning based upon teacher and student each making their own individual contributions.

The teacher's role is to deliver relevant and valuable educational content, as determined by those skills or abilities that students need or want to improve. This content is delivered through student-friendly learning tools.

The students' role is to actively participate in the learning process.

This participation includes:

  • considering the suitability of the content to their own situations
  • drawing their own conclusions as to its suitability
  • identifying opportunities to apply the most suitable aspects to improve their own situations

On completion of the learning process, the next step is applying the most suitable aspects, following an implementation or action plan.

Our online training courses will help you learn what you need to know about generating more of the new business that you need want and deserve.

With content delivered through short video lessons, students learn from:

  • 10 video lessons, each containing 3-7 minutes of instruction
  • self-study workbook

On completion of each course, ongoing support will be provided by an online forum, limited to course participants. This moderated forum will allow you ask or share anything relevant about the course content.

Each course comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Ideal for any service-provider who wants more new clients,

this course =>

will help you learn what you need to know about generating more new business ... without appearing to be begging and wasting time networking.

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