How To Generate More Business
For Your Service Business
We live in a new era. We live in the information era.
As self-employed professionals and owners of small service businesses, we all face the challenge of processing an ever-increasing overload of information.
But we are hampered by severely limited resources.
This challenge is especially acute regarding marketing, which could be considered the most important business task of all.
Marketing Is About Generating New Business
Simply put, marketing is whatever we say or do to generate more new business.
It includes everything from advertising through satisfying clients, to keeping in touch with everyone who can help your business grow.
In one form or another, marketing generates the inflow of new business that represents the lifeblood of small service businesses.
Without the inflow of revenue from new business, few business operations can survive, let alone thrive.
Certainly, there is no shortage of marketing information available online and off. Much of this information can be quite helpful.
However, given the sheer volume of information available and limited resources, this marketing assistance is virtually inaccessible to service professionals and small firms.
Marketing Consulting Can Help

Plain and simple,
a marketing consultant is an expert.
This is someone who has taken the time
to process an overabundance of
marketing information in order to learn
and understand the critical elements
of generating more new business.

The benefits of an experienced marketing consultant fall into four main categories:
  • Improve and enhance your understanding of strategic marketing concerns such as planning, branding and content strategy
  • Increase the overall effectiveness of  your marketing
  • ​​Align your marketing activities with your business operations
  • ​Enhance your personal brand
What does an experienced marketing consultant know…and more importantly do?
As an expert, an experienced marketing consultant understands how marketing works and how these concepts are applied to generate more new business.
Based on tried and true marketing approaches, this expertise incorporates the best of today’s techniques to attract more ideal clients and generate more new business
This expertise is shared to help you improve your marketing.
Overcoming Your Marketing Challenges
Like most service professionals and small firms, you face many challenges in marketing your services.
Here are three examples of how marketing consulting support can help you overcome these challenges:
Marketing Planning
The Basic Marketing Plan is ideal if you have been in business for less than five years or have never developed a written marketing plan.
If you have between five and ten years and have a Basic Marketing Plan, an Enhanced Marketing Plan is right for you.
A Comprehensive Marketing Plan is ideal of you have operated for more than 10 years.
Marketing consulting will help identify strengths and weaknesses in your overall marketing program.
Once these factors have been identified, you can develop appropriate strategies to optimize opportunities and minimize, if not totally eliminate threats.
Brand Development
Today’s marketplace is more competitive than ever before.
Potentially ideal clients and customers have virtually unlimited choices available to them.
They are flooded with an infinite array of competitive choices.
A strong brand can help you distinguish yourself and stand out a crowded marketplace.
Your brand will help attract new clients and consumers, build trust, and showcase the value that your business delivers.
Branding consulting offers support in the following areas:
  • brand positioning statement: based on your unique selling or value proposition
  • brand promise: the value that clients or customers will enjoy from you service or product
  • brand strategy: how and where to use your brand for optimum benefits.
If you already have a brand, but think it needs refreshing, marketing  consulting will help identify your brand’s strengths and weaknesses.
Once these factors have been identified, appropriate actions will be developed to refresh and improve you brand.
All service professionals and small firms need a strong brand to stand out in a crowded, competitive marketplace.
Content Strategy
Developing and implementing an effective content strategy is the key to achieving a high level of engagement of the audience for your marketing.
Story-telling is a key element of content strategy.
By effectively telling your story, you help potentially ideal clients understand how you can help them and also help past and current clients recognize how you can help them even more.
There are four inter-related phases of developing content strategy:
  • Preparing A Content Road Map
  • Content Execution Plan
  • Growing Your Audience
  • ​Optimizing and Measuring the ROI of Your Content Strategy
What unique marketing challenges are you facing?
Whatever these challenges are,  Marketing Consulting can probably help you overcome them.
How To Start Improving Your Marketing
If you are like most service professionals and small firms you probably want better marketing.
And like many of these people, you probably also don’t know where to start.
To address this issue, the Laser Coaching Bonus Bundle represents the ideal starting point. 
This bonus bundle is in effect a four-part process that starts with a self-assessment questionnaire.

This 27-question assessment is convenient and comprehensive.

Completing this online tool is about as user-friendly as it gets.

On completion of this questionnaire,
the second part of the process,
a 15-minute laser coaching session
will identify priorities for actions.

And the final two components, eBook-based self-study courses will probably help you learn what you need to about developing and applying appropriate strategies to achieve your desired results.
By way of further support, you can schedule additional laser coaching sessions at the reduced rate of $97 per session.
As a result, you will be your own consultant supported by occasional Laser Coaching sessions. 
If however, that approach doesn't work for you, we can create a create a more conventional, mutually beneficial consulting relationship. 
Now It’s Your Turn
Do really want more business for your business?
If you're serious about generating more business, let’s get on with it.
If you haven’t already done so, check out Laser Coaching Bonus Bundle by clicking the blue Laser Coaching button below.
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Isn’t it time that you had more of the new business that you want ... and deserve?
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