How to Stand Out
In A Crowded Marketplace
Build A Personal Brand
That Distinguishes You From Everyone Else
Regardless of the type of service that they provide, all professionals face the same challenge in attracting new clients.
Like it or not, we are all perceived as being much the same as everyone else who provides the same or similar services.
In practice, this means that all lawyers are seen to be the same … all accountants are the same … all consultants in the same field are all the same … and so on and so on.
Realistically, nothing can be further from the truth.
Because of your uniqueness and individuality, you are well qualified to stand out in a crowded and competitive market.

Personal Branding Is Your Key to Success

 will help you distinguish yourself from all others

in a crowded, competitive marketing place.

Professional Service Branding
Successfully attracting clients depends on presenting yourself as trustworthy and competent in your area or areas of specialty.
As a result, you will emphasize these qualities in your marketing messages communications.
Professional service branding allows you to enhance your marketing message so that you and your service stands above the crowd.
More specifically, it is how you create and position your brand that helps you occupy a distinctive place in the market and value in your clients' minds.
Your brand position shapes how potential clients identify your distinctiveness and recognize how you can help them.
What makes us unique as individuals?
It is the combination of physical, emotional, and intellectual attributes that contributes to how we think and act.
Four main factors contribute to your distinctiveness:
  •             1. Your personal image
  •             2. Your personality
  •             3. Your core competencies
  •             4. Your uniqueness

This book will help you identify these personal factors so that you can build you brand statement on them.

Your Personal Brand Identifies Who You Are and How This Helps Clients
A good personal brand will yield two very significant benefits.
Most importantly, it will help you make better decisions. When faced with a difficult decision, the right decision is the one that is most consistent with your personal profile.
Decisions that are consistent with your profile will reflect your core values and beliefs.
Conversely, the wrong decision is inconsistent with your statement and thus your core values and beliefs.
Similarly, your personal brand gives you a sound base for attracting more and better clients.
A series of probing questions with supplementary explanation and information will help you develop your own brand statement that will distinguish you from the competition. 
Your Story Includes Your Brand Promise
From a marketing perspective, distinctiveness is virtually meaningless unless it is communicated effectively.
And the best way to communicate your uniqueness is to match it with your brand promise.
A brand promise is the cornerstone of branding as a marketing strategy.
Properly developed and managed, the promise can generate new business and referrals from past clients.
By consistently providing quality service, in effect you promise that clients will continue to receive the same quality.
This promise of quality is reassuring to your clients and contacts. It increases their comfort in continuing to deal with you and also recommend potential clients to you.
The promise of quality is a key element in your overall marketing plan.
This is the good news element of the promise: it reassures clients and contacts, which in turn will generate more business.
Increasing the Awareness of Your Brand
There are many common techniques for building and increasing brand awareness.
These techniques include sponsorships, trade show exhibits, branded advertising specialties and clothing, display ads in professional/ business publications and so on.
Certainly, these approaches can help increase the awareness of your name.
The book also includes seven other techniques fro increasing your brand awareness.
A Key Growth Strategy + Low Cost = Exceptional Value 

The prices for branding books searched on Amazon range from $3.28 to  $408.95. 

The top price goes to 'a bundle of marketing concepts, strategies, & cases' (“usually ships within 1 to 2 months”).  

Seemingly targeting students, this bundle offers a comprehensive collection of everything that anyone would need in order to become an expert in marketing services.  

Few self-employed professionals need or want to become marketing experts.  As an expert in your field, all you really need is some help in generating more new business.  

Typically, most professionals need to know how to apply a few key strategies to generate the new business they need want and deserve. 

The least expensive book is about a 1-page marketing plan. It look like a very appealing tool.  But successfully generating new business and growing a business requires more than a single tool, such as marketing plan … regardless of how good it is.  

The most successful marketers use more than a single tool … they apply several key strategies. 

This book will help you learn and apply the key marketing strategy for about the same price as a single marketing tool … or Starbucks espresso. 

Learning how to develop your personal brand at a low financial cost?  What exceptional value!

Your Choice of Formats 

This book is available in four formats:

         1. PDF: 19 printable letter-size pages

         2. Hard-Copy: DIY printing from your PDF file

         3. EPUB:  Android;   NOOK;  NOOK Color;  NOOK Tablet;   iPad;   iPhone;   iPod Touch devices; Sony Readers

         4. MOBI for use on Kindle and Kindle Fire

         5.  AZW3 - Kindle Format 8 (KF8) is Amazon's newer version of AZW.

Your book will arrive in a Zip file. Then you can unpack the file and move your preferred versions to to whatever locations you want.

Start Developing ... Or Upgrading ...Your Brand - Now!
The total cost of learning this marketing strategy is about the same as the price of a Starbucks espresso: $4.97.
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