How To Keep In Touch Effectively 
Generate More Repeat and Referral Business

Keeping in touch effectively may be the most important marketing strategy that professionals will ever use. 

Keeping in touch is the practice of maintaining contact with those people with who you have an existing relationship. 

Clients, both past and present, represent the most obvious source of repeat business and the important source of referrals.

Satisfied clients are usually happy to refer friends, family and others to professionals who serve them well.

Keeping In Touch Effectively  help you

keep in touch easily and effectively

with the people who support you.

Enjoy Great Benefits From Keeping In Touch
In a quickly changing market, it is important to monitor clients' shifting needs and wants as well as how the competition is responding to these changes.
By keeping in touch with clients and contacts, you can keep abreast of the latest trends and developments that influence clients.
This market knowledge will allow to anticipate the services that clients will need and want.
As a result you can stand out from the competition, well positioned to help clients when they recognize they need help.
And by keeping in touch with your clients, they will remember you when they are ready to purchase the services that you offer.
What a great marketing asset: current and past clients who appreciate how you can help them and accordingly predisposed to do business with you again.
 More Referrals

Keeping in touch regularly also means that your contacts remain willing to exchange information with you and make referrals to you. 

Imagine the power of a network of contacts primed and ready to provide you with useful information and even make referrals to you. Your industry and market are constantly changing. 

Some of these changes affect only you, how you manage your business or deliver services. 

Others influence your clients and contacts, either directly or indirectly. By keeping contacts up to date on industry and market changes, you also continue to enhance existing relationships. 

On occasion clients stop doing business with us simply because they have fallen out of the practice of looking to us for help. 

At its best, the practice of keeping in touch helps remind clients and contacts remember you and reinforce your personal brand. 

What benefits do you see yourself enjoying from keeping in touch effectivley? 

Regardless of the benefits you choose, Keeping In Touch Effectively will help you bring them about.

Offer Useful Information to Keep in Touch

Oneof the best techniques for keeping in touch is providing information that will be useful to clients and contacts. 

There are several kinds of useful information. Regardless of the development, if it's positive, let your clients and contacts know about it. 

Even though they may not be interested in the specific details of a new computer system, the fact that you have a new system tells them that your business is thriving and using up-to-date technology. 

By keeping clients and contacts informed of new developments, not only are you confirming that you are still in business, you sending the message that your business is continuing to develop and serve clients even better. 

This message will help increase the comfort of clients and contacts in continuing to make referrals to you. 

Clients and contacts alike may believe that you only provide the service with which they are most familiar. 

Use your keeping in touch messages to help increase their awareness of other less well-known services.

What a great way to generate more new business. 

When clients and contacts understand and appreciate the full range of services that you provide, you will generate more repeat and referral business. 

This Ebook will help you keep in touch effectively in order to generate more repeat and referral business.

Learn When To Keep In Touch

Keeping in touch too frequently is almost as bad as failing to keep in touch.

If your clients see you as spending more time and effort keeping in touch than looking after clients, they will wonder how busy and successful you really are. 

Keeping In Touch Effectively will help you keep in touch at the level of frequency that is right for you and you market. 

As a result, you will neither fade from the memories of your clients and contacts, nor make them feel besieged by too much contact.

Take Action & Keep in Touch

Keeping In Touch Effectively does more than just outline what you need to know about keeping in touch. 

It guides and supports you through a 21-day development and implementation process. 

Why 21 days? 

Experts tell us that it takes 21 days to learn new skills.

This means that after following the Ebook's 21-day implementation process, you will have effectively learned the skills necessary to keep in touch with clients and contacts. 

What a great return on such a small investment of time! The action plan will help you apply what you will have learned about keeping in touch. 

Instead of struggling to figure out how to apply the new concepts, you can devote your time and energy to keeping in touch with helpful, supportive people. 

You will maximize your learning and generate more new business sooner and easier.

A Key Marketing Strategy + Low Cost = Exceptional Value

The prices for 'marketing services' books searched on Amazon range from $3.28 to a high of $408.95.

The top price goes to 'a bundle of marketing concepts, strategies, & cases' (“usually ships within 1 to 2 months”). Seemingly targeting students, this bundle offers a comprehensive collection of everything that anyone would need in order to become an expert in marketing services.

Few self-employed professionals need or want to become marketing experts. As an expert in your field, all you really need is some help in generating more new business. Typically, most professionals need to know how to apply a few key marketing strategies to generate the new business they need want and deserve.

The least expensive book is about a 1-page marketing plan.

It look like a very appealing tool. But successfully generating new business and growing a business requires more than a single tool, such as marketing plan … regardless of how good it is.

The most successful marketers use more than a single tool … they apply several marketing strategies.

This book will help you learn and apply a key marketing strategy for about the same price as a single marketing tool … or Starbucks espresso.

Learning a key marketing strategy at a low financial cost?  That's exceptional value!

Your Choice of Formats

This book is available in five formats:

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Your book will arrive in a Zip file.  

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Start Making Your Connections Stronger - NOW!

The total cost of learning this marketing strategy is less than the price of a Starbucks espresso: $3.97.

Buy your copy now. 

Start planning how you will keep in touch with contacts while you enjoy your next cup of coffee.

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