How To Grow Your Personal Network
Generate More Referrals And New Business Opportunities

So many factors contribute to successfully marketing professional services that it's virtually impossible for any one of us to achieve our goals alone.

Fortunately, it is not necessary for you to do all your marketing all on your own. 

By helping your network of contacts serve as your marketing support team, you can achieve better results from all of your marketing activities. 

And what's even better, Developing Your Personal Network will help you.

Developing Your Personal Network
 will help you generate more referrals and

new business opportunities.

As Broad A Range As Possible
Successfully marketing professional services requires a wide range of specific actions.
In order to complete these activities effectively and efficiently, an equally broad range of skills and experience is necessary. In developing your marketing team members, consider as broad a range of people as possible.
Remember that to help you, your contacts need not be marketing experts, nor must they be knowledgeable about the professional service that you provide.
This ebook will do more than help you identify potentially ideal members for your marketing support group.
It will help you develop your own marketing A-team.
With the help and support of this team you can continue to generate more new business than you could even imagine enjoying while doing it alone.
 You have been struggling with marketing on your own for long enough. Isn't it time that you had the support of your own marketing A-team?
Identify & Pursue New Networking Opportunities
This new Ebook will help you help your contacts...aka your marketing you identify and pursue potentially valuable opportunities.
Your marketing A-team will be like good bird dogs, seeking out connections that you would otherwise miss.
But this ebook is about more than helping your network contacts help you.
It will also help you identify and pursue potentially valuable opportunities as you go about living your life and running your business.
Just imagine the volume of new business that can be generated by you and your marketing A-team, working together to achieve the same purpose.
Pretty exciting isn't it?
Take Action & Develop Your Team
It guides and supports you through a 21-day development and implementation process.
Why 21 days?
Experts tell us that it takes 21 days to learn new skills.
This means that after following the ebook's 21-day implementation process, you will have effectively learned the skills necessary to develop your marketing team.
What a great return on such a small investment of time!
A Key Marketing Strategy + Low Cost = Exceptional Value

The prices for 'marketing services' books searched on Amazon range from $3.28 to a high of $408.95.

The top price goes to 'a bundle of marketing concepts, strategies, & cases' (“usually ships within 1 to 2 months”). Seemingly targeting students, this bundle offers a comprehensive collection of everything that anyone would need in order to become an expert in marketing services.

Few self-employed professionals need or want to become marketing experts. As an expert in your field, all you really need is some help in generating more new business. Typically, most professionals need to know how to apply a few key marketing strategies to generate the new business they need want and deserve.

The least expensive book is about a 1-page marketing plan.

It looks like a very appealing tool. But successfully generating new business and growing a business requires more than a single tool, such as marketing plan … regardless of how good it is.

The most successful marketers use more than a single tool … they apply several key marketing strategies.

This book will help you learn and apply a key marketing strategy for about the same price as a single marketing tool … or Starbucks espresso.

Learning a key marketing strategy at a low financial cost? What exceptional value!

Your Choice of Formats

This book is available in five formats:

1.  PDF: 11 printable letter-size pages 

2.  Hard-Copy: DIY printing from your PDF file

3.  EPUB:  Android;   NOOK;  NOOK Color;  NOOK Tablet;   iPad;   iPhone;   iPod Touch devices;  Sony Reader & other eReaders  

4.  MOBI for use on Kindle and Kindle Fire 5.  AZW3 - Kindle Format 8 (KF8) is Amazon's newer version of AZW.

Your book will arrive in a Zip file.  

Then you can unpack the file and move your preferred versions to to whatever locations you want.

Start To Develop Your Personal Network - Now!

The total cost of learning this marketing strategy is less than the price of a Starbucks espresso: $3.97.

Buy your copy now. 

Start planning how you will attract more ideal clients while you enjoy your next cup of coffee.

To download your copy of  Developing Your Personal Network
click the "Grow My Network" button.
You will then be taken to a secure server to complete the order.
Once the order has been completed, you will receive an email link to your book.
Then you can start working on generating more of the new business you need want  ... and deserve!

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