STOP Complicating Your Marketing!
The Best Strategies for Marketing Services
These strategies are all about developing and maintaining effective interpersonal relationships.
The following four marketing strategies all deliver high value at no or low cost.
1. Generating Referrals

This is the absolute best source of new clients for most, if not all service businesses.

In making referrals, referral sources are in effect confirming that you are a competent and trustworthy person with whom to do business. As a result, referrals tend to be pre-qualified, open to the possibility of hiring you for the help you can provide.

Unfortunately, not every one is comfortable asking for referrals. For many, asking for referrals makes them feel desperate, begging for new business.

2. Networking

This is the ideal strategy for increasing the number of referral sources and by extension, the number of incoming referrals. It's also perfect for sourcing the people, things and know-how you need to grow your business.

From my experience, networking wastes more time and energy than any other single business activity.

3. Contacting Strangers

When you and your contacts have run out of potentially helpful contacts, it will be necessary to reach out to strangers.

As is the case with asking for referrals, not everyone is comfortable with this strategy.

4. Keeping In Touch

This is the ideal strategy for nurturing and enhancing relationships with all contacts from family and friends to social media and online connections. 

Effectively keeping in touch can and does simulate considerable repeat and referral business.

From the marketing perspective, keeping in touch is like salt in cooking. For best results, you need exactly the right frequency and format for keeping in touch. Too much or too little just doesn't work.

Learn & Apply The Best Marketing Strategies 

Like most everyone else running their own business, service-providers are busy people.

Few have the luxury, or even the desire, to free up a block of time to learn what they need to know in order to benefit from the best marketing strategies.

For busy people, self-paced online courses represent the perfect learning opportunity to pick up new skills and ideas.

The Best Strategies for Marketing Services is a new online course that will help uncomplicate marketing for you.

In this course, you learn what you need to know about generating more of the new business that you need, want … and deserve.

From Marketing Pain to Marketing Gain

Regardless of your experience, this course will help you replace your marketing pain with a marketing gain. Instead of struggling to figure out how the latest innovation in marketing might (or might not) help you, you can benefit from the tried and true, best marketing practices for service-providers.

If you are new to marketing, the lessons will help you build the foundation for future success. This foundation will support virtually all relevant strategies and techniques for marketing services.

If however, you have been self-employed long enough to have achieved some solid results, the course will help you build on these successes, taking your marketing to a new level.

And if you are a marketing veteran, the course will help you identify new opportunities for improvement, leading to even better results.

The course content features:

1. 10 video lessons, each lasting from about 3 minutes to under 11 minutes. 

         Short lessons minimize learning time, while maximizing learning potential.

     2. Each lesson is accompanied by 1-2 short self study exercises to help you apply what you have learned. 

         This allows you to personalize and customize the principles and concepts to meet your own individual needs

3. Set your own pace: complete the course your way

Although all lessons will be available immediately on purchase, the best approach is to set your own pace--spending as little or as much time as you need to learn what you need to know.

With just over 1 hour of lesson time, fast learners can complete the course in about half a day.  For a more leisurely approach, you can spread the course over 10--or more--days. Whatever works best for you.

4. Participants-only Facebook Group. 

This allows you to ask anything about the course and share your experience with other course participants.

Time-Tested Strategies, Tried & True

The best strategies for marketing services are neither revolutionary nor unfamiliar. Nor are they sophisticated or complex.

These strategies are the tried & true activities that have consistently generated new business for self-employed service-providers. They are the time-tested techniques that service providers, past and present apply to connect and maintain relationships with clients.

From experience, we know that when applied effectively, these strategies can and do generate new business This is true, whether the strategies are applied individually or in combination with any or all of the others.

However, also from experience, we also know that not every one applies these strategies effectively. Some people don't understand the strategies let alone know how to apply them. Others have become so busy, or distracted by other things that they have forgotten how to make the most of the best strategies.

What is new about this course is that it's delivered online using the best, most appropriate tools for helping adults learn.

Research tells us that as adults we learn in one or more of four basic ways:

1. hearing content

2. reading content

3. working with content

4. discussing content with others

The online format of the course offers four inter-rated learning opportunities.

Narrated slides allows you to read and hear content. There are no boring talking heads or pages of dense text.

The workbook allows you to read and work with content. This helps you understand the content and customize it for your own use.

Once you have completed the course, you can join the Facebook group. This community forum allows like-minded students to work with and discuss the content with others.

By sharing experiences with others, we all learn.

The Value That You Can Expect

By the time you complete this course, you will have learned what you need to know to effectively apply the best strategies for marketing your services.

You will be well positioned to generate that new business that you need, want and yes … even deserve.

How much new business you will generate depends upon how effectively you apply the strategies.

But keep in mind that new business is worth more than just the fees from the initial transaction.

Typically, satisfied clients return for repeat business, time and time again.

If asked, they are also happy to refer like-minded friends, acquaintances and contacts to businesses who have helped them. Once again, this can occur continuously on an ongoing basis.

What is the average annual dollar value of the repeat and referral business that each new client generates? ...$500? ...$1000? ...$2000? More?

Whatever the amount you have determined, that's the dollar value you can expect from the first new client. Obviously, the longer you maintain a sound relationship with your new client, the higher the value.

Regardless of the actual dollar amount, huge potential value can be expected from each new client generated by applying what you will have learned from this course.

The course will also generate significant non-financial benefits.

You will have improved confidence in your ability to market your services.

You will also enjoy the satisfaction of successfully meeting and overcoming what had previously been a mighty challenge: generating new business.

On the other hand, all that you have to lose are those things well worth losing: anxiety, frustration and stress caused by having too few fee-paying clients.

All things considered, including an unlimited budget, what would you be willing to pay for the benefits outlined above? ..$500? ...$1000? ...$2000? More?

You can put those numbers aside.

The introductory price is only $97.97 USD!

However, if you order the full course before midnight July 8, 2018, you will receive two FREE Laser Coaching sessions anytime after you complete the course. 

That represents  almost $300 worth of value for only $97.97. 

And that's not even counting the dollar value of the new business that you will generate as a result of what you learn in the course and the coaching support.

2 More Valuable Features

To help you generate more new business, the course contains two more valuable features that may be of interest to you.

First, the course comes with a try-before-you-buy component. The first lesson will help you learn what you need to know about the sources of referrals. If you like what you see there … which I hope you will … you can sign up for the rest of the course.

Second, the course also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that if you are not satisfied ...which I hope will not happen … you can ask for a full refund within 90 days of signing up.

Uncomplicate Your Marketing, Starting Now

As you are well aware, we live and work in a fast-paced, quickly changing world. Virtually every day there is a new development or innovation that promises something better, the latest improvement in the way we do things.

I don't know about you, but I'm sick and tired of improvements that promise great things, but only deliver more complications.

The Best Strategies for Marketing Services offers a new opportunity to benefit from the tried & true approaches for generating new business for service-providers.

Haven't you struggled with complicated marketing long enough?

Isn't it time that you enjoyed more of the new business that you need, want and deserve?

The Best Strategies for Marketing Services can, and will, help you uncomplicate your marketing, starting now.

Simply enter your email address below and you can immediately access Lesson 1 and the workbook that goes with it.

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Thanks for reading this message.

I look forward to helping you generate more business.

Larry Easto

Remember ... the first lesson is free ... and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

There is no risk to trying the first lesson ... or the whole course.

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