STOP Complicating Your Marketing!
The Best Authentic Strategies for Marketing Services 
These strategies are all about developing and maintaining effective interpersonal relationships.
The following four marketing strategies all deliver high value at no or low cost.
1.  Generating Referrals
This is the absolute best source of new clients for most, if not all service businesses.
In making referrals, referral sources are in effect, confirming that you are a competent and trustworthy person with whom to do business.
As a result, referrals tend to be pre-qualified, open to the possibility of hiring you for the help you can provide.
Unfortunately, not every one is comfortable asking for referrals.
For many, asking for referrals makes them feel desperate, begging for new business.
2.  Networking
This is the ideal strategy for increasing the number of referral sources and by extension, the number of incoming referrals. It's also perfect for sourcing the people, things and know-how you need to grow your business.
From my experience, networking wastes more time and energy than any other single business activity.
3.  Contacting Strangers
When you and your contacts have run out of potentially helpful contacts, it will be necessary to reach out to strangers.
As is the case with asking for referrals, not everyone is comfortable with this strategy.
4.  Keeping In Touch
This is the ideal strategy for nurturing and enhancing relationships with all contacts from family and friends to social media and online connections.
Effectively keeping in touch can and does simulate considerable repeat and referral business.
From the marketing perspective, keeping in touch is like salt in cooking.
For best results, you need exactly the right frequency and format for keeping in touch. Too much or too little just doesn't work.
"What I like about Larry Easto
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Learn & Apply The Best Marketing Strategies 
As a service-provider, you are very busy.
For busy people, self-paced online courses represent the perfect learning opportunity to pick up new skills and ideas.
The Best Strategies for Marketing Services is a new online course that will help you uncomplicate your marketing.
In this course, you will learn what you need to know about generating more new business.
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From Marketing Pain to Marketing Gain
Regardless of your experience, this course will help you replace your marketing pain with a marketing gain.
Instead of struggling to figure out how the latest innovation in marketing might (or might not) help you, you can benefit from the tried and true, best marketing practices for service-providers.
If you are new to marketing, the lessons will help you build the foundation for future success. This foundation will support virtually all relevant strategies and techniques for marketing services.
If however, you have been self-employed long enough to have achieved some solid results, the course will help you build on these successes, taking your marketing to a new level.
And if you are a marketing veteran, the course will help you identify new opportunities for improvement, leading to even better results.
The course content features:
  • 12 Short Video Lessons (3-5 minutes each):  minimal learning time ... maximum results
  • Self-Paced: take as little or as much time as you need ... whenever you choose
  • Self-Study Exercises: personalize and customize the strategies for your situation.
Time-Tested Strategies, Tried & True
The best strategies for marketing services are neither new. Nor are they sophisticated or complex.
These tried & true strategies have consistently generated new business for self-employed service providers.
They are the time-tested techniques that service providers apply to develop and maintain strong relationships with clients.
From experience, we know that when applied effectively, these strategies can and do generate new business 
However, also from experience, we also know that not every one applies these strategies effectively.
Some people don't understand the strategies, let alone know how to apply them. 
Others have become so busy, or distracted by other things that they have forgotten how to make the most of these strategies.
What is new about this course is that it's delivered online using the best, most appropriate tools for helping adults learn.
Research tells us that as adults we learn in one or more of four basic ways:
  • Hearing new information
  •  Seeing text and images that conveys new information
  •  Applying new information
The online format of the course offers four inter-rated learning opportunities.
Narrated slides enables you to see and hear new information: there are no boring talking heads or pages of dense text.
The workbook helps you apply new information and customize it for your own use.
If you want to check out the course, you are welcome to do so. 
The first lesson is free.  Click the 'Free Lesson' button.
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You can even complete the workbook book component if you want.
You may well learn enough in the free lesson to generate at least one new client.

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      Maggi Bolden
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