The Laser Coaching Bonus Bundle:
So Little Time Required...So Much Value Delivered
Laser coaching is all about getting to the source of a problem quickly.
Laser coaching can align your daily activities with your overall goals quickly.
It allows you to get exactly what you need without wasting time and money.
With laser coaching, by focusing on one critical issue you can achieve a breakthrough the same way a laser beam can break through steel with a "simple beam of light".
From a marketing perspective, laser coaching quickly identifies whatever obstacles are standing in the way of better results.
And once these obstacles have been identified, you can take appropriate actions to overcome these obstacles...and get on with generating more new business.
So Little Time...So Much Value
As a service professional, you face two fundamental marketing challenges.
  • You want, need ... and in fact, deserve ... more new business.
  • You have barely enough time to maintain current marketing activities ... let alone figure out how to achieve better marketing results.
Laser coaching is the ideal approach for meeting and overcoming these challenges.
In each session of 15 minutes or less, we will clarify your marketing issues ... and then develop the right solution for you.
A laser coaching session
is like talking to a help desk
to resolve a computer issue.
Instead of struggling with a marketing problem yourself, how much time and aggravation will you save by calling a marketing help desk?
Laser Coaching Topics
If you are experiencing problems in any of the following areas, a single laser coaching session can help resolve the issue.
Instead of wasting your time trying to solve the problem yourself, you can get some help sorting it out and then get on with other things.
  • Your marketing plan: Your marketing plan will be the roadmap you follow to get attract the volume and kinds of clients you love to serve and are good at satisfying.
  • Implementing your marketing plan: Even the best marketing plans are not self-implementing. Sometimes we all need some help in implementing our plans.
  • Identifying your ideal clients: By identifying your ideal clients, you can focus your entire marketing effort on attracting and satisfying the kinds of clients you love to serve. 
  • ​​Your personal brand: Having a strong brand distinguishes you from the competition and promises clients the benefits that they will enjoy from your service.
  • ​​Pricing and promotional strategy: Your pricing and promotion must be aligned with your position the market.  What is your market position?
  • ​​Distribution plan: How you deliver services to your clients? person.
  • ​​Services and offers: Offers refer to special deals that you put together to attract more new clients and generate more repeat business
  • ​​Marketing materials: Marketing materials are those things you use to promote your services to referral sources, potential clients and actual clients. These materials include: website, social and digital media, print brochures, business cards etc.
  • ​​Promotional strategy: This strategy details how you will promote your services to referral sources, potential clients and actual clients. 
  • ​​Content strategy: This strategy details how your online and offline content will connect with and engage referral sources, potential clients, actual clients and interested members of the public. 
  • ​​Online marketing strategy: In today's interconnected world, most clients go online to find and review services they need. How effectively is your online presence connecting with potential clients...and engaging them?
  • ​​Conversion strategy: What techniques will you use to convert potential clients into actual fee paying clients?
  • ​​Joint ventures and partnerships:  Through appropriate joint ventures, you can reach new clients and better monetize your existing client base.
  • ​​Referral strategy: A strong referral program could revolutionize your success.  Imagine what would happen if every client referred one new client.
  • ​​Retention strategy: It is far easier and less costly to help past and existing clients to hire you again than trying to attract new clients. What can you to generate more repeat business?
Need More Help? Want More Support?
In most cases, a single Laser Coaching session will help get your marketing unstuck and back on track.
Sometimes, some people need a little more help or want more support.
In those cases, a single Laser Coaching session can serve as the starting point, ongoing Marketing Consulting support.
To learn more about Marketing Consulting support, please click the gold Marketing Consulting button.
Regardless of whether you choose Laser Coaching or Marketing Consulting, you now have new opportunities for improving your marketing.
Which one will best help you generate the new business you  want ... and deserve?

"What I like about Larry Easto
is that he is highly authentic and
truly cares about making a difference to his audience.
This is evident here with this coaching. "

 Christopher Salem
Life & Business Strategist - World Class Speaker
Award Winning Author
Your Value-Added Bonuses
Current Marketing Assessment

This 27-question Do-It-Yourself assessment will do more than  just identify your marketing strengths and weaknesses.
It will help you make the most of your laser coaching session.  This will include applying your strengths to overcome whatever marketing obstacles lock or otherwise interfere with achieving the success you deserve.
It’s also a useful resource you can use time and time again to identify and resolve new obstacles that will inevitably arise down the road.

How to  Achieve Better Marketing Results ...Sooner

Recently updated , this 8-lesson program
will help you learn what you need to know
to generate more new business ... as soon as possible.
Regardless of your marketing experience,
this combination of information and self-study exercises
will help you implement the solutions
that we will develop in your laser coaching session.
A Masterful  Guide to Marketing Your Services

Drawing upon your experience,
this 8-lesson  program will also help you
identify and implement the solutions
that will develop in your laser coaching session.
In effect, it will help you build upon
your marketing experience
to get even better at what you already do well

"I just want to tell the world
that Larry Easto
is a genius!"

Irene Wishart
Real Estate Broker
Total Value: Double Your Investment
As a stand-alone service, the fee for a single Laser Coaching session was $100.
Along with the Laser Coaching, a current marketing assessment was offered as an up-grade for $50.
If purchased alone, cost of How to Achieve Better Marketing Results ...Sooner would be $47.
Similarly, purchased alone, the price of A Masterful Guide to Marketing Your Services would be $97.
Individually, the combined purchase price of the four components of the Laser Coaching Bonus Bundle would be $294.
Your investment in the Laser Coaching Bonus Bundle is only $147.
As a result, your investment in the Laser Coaching Bonus Bundle delivers twice the dollar value of the amount that you will pay to improve your marketing. And that doesn’t even include the increase in  revenue and decrease in stress your laser coaching session will deliver.
How much more money can you generate with better marketing and reduced stress?
Canadian Business, Eh?
The default common currency for this offer is USD.
If you run a Canadian business which is subject to GST/HST, you may pay in Canadian Dollars (CAD).
As you are probably aware, by paying in CAD, you qualify for a GST/HST tax credit by way of an ITC on your GST/HST return.

“…a credible coach I can contact when in need...
It's always good to have a kindred spirit…
I appreciate knowing you are out there
…reassuring to know you're an email away.”

Gary Brennan
Actor/Writer, Facilitator
Executive Presentation Coach

Haven’t you wasted enough time and energy struggling with that niggling marketing issue?
The sooner you order your Laser Coaching Bonus Bundle,
the sooner you can put that troublesome marketing issue behind you.
Isn’t it time that you enjoyed more of the new business that you want and deserve?

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