STOP: Being Ignored!
START: Standing Out From the Crowd!
The Problem of Being Ignored
For many people, going with the flow and fitting in with the crowd represents the safest, best approach to living their lives.
Certainly, there is no better way to ensure anonymity and avoid drawing attention to oneself.
If you want to remain invisible and out of sight, there is no better way to achieve this result than by allowing yourself to become lost in a crowd.
If however, you want to sell personal or professional services, allowing yourself to become lost in a crowd will be the kiss of death for your business.
As self-employed service providers, we need clients who need our help. 
If we become lost in a crowded marketplace, how will potentially ideal clients know that we can help them?
How will potentially helpful referral sources know how we can help their network contacts?
To succeed in own service businesses, we simply cannot allow ourselves to become lost in crowd.  
Once lost in a crowd, client-friendly skills, talents and experience will remain unknown, ignored and unsold.
The Authentic Solution 
As service professionals, we can replace being lost in a crowd with standing out from the crowd.  
Instead of conforming to the uniformity of a standardized marketplace, we can be our true selves.
Among the most gratifying benefits of this freedom to be our true selves is the opportunity to showcase our best, most authentic personal characteristics.
The video course How Personal Branding Generates More New Business will guide you through creating a personal brand that reflects your authentic true self.
The first half of the course (six lessons) will help you understand what personal branding is all about.
The remainder of the course will guide you through the process of identifying what distinguishes you from the competition and how this distinctiveness benefits your clients. 
In other words, it will help you create your personal brand.
"What I like about Larry Easto
is that he is highly authentic and
truly cares about making a difference to his audience."

 Christopher Salem
Life & Business Strategist - World Class Speaker
Award Winning Author
Learn How to Distinguish Yourself 
Stand Out  From The Crowd of Competitors
As a service-provider, you are very busy.
For busy people, self-paced online courses represent the perfect learning opportunity to pick up new skills and ideas.
How Personal Branding Generates More New Business is an online course that will help you attract more ideal clients instead of chasing so-so leads.
In this course, you will learn what you need to know to distinguish yourself and stand out in your crowded noisy marketplace. 
And as a result, you will be well positioned to  attract more of the ideal clients you want ...and deserve. 
If you've heard enough and want to start  now...for FREE, you can do just that.
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If however, you would like more information  ... read on.
From Marketing Pain to Marketing Gain
Regardless of your experience, this course will help you replace your marketing pain with a marketing gain.
Instead of being lost and ignored in a crowded noisy marketplace, you can distinguish yourself and stand out from the competition. And as a result, you can attract more ideal clients for you and your services.
If you are new to marketing, the lessons will help you build a base of ideal clients, which will serve as your foundation for future success.
This client base will continue to generate repeat and referral business for as long as you want.
If however, you have been self-employed long enough to have established a client base , the course will help you build on these successes, taking your marketing to a new level.
And if you are a marketing veteran, the course will help you identify new opportunities for improvement, leading to even better results.
The course content features:
  • 12 Short Video Lessons (3-5 minutes each):  minimal learning time ... maximum results
  • Self-Paced: take as little or as much time as you need ... whenever you choose
  • Self-Study Exercises: personalize and customize the strategies for your situation.
What's New About This Course
What is new about this course is that it's delivered online using the best, most appropriate tools for helping adults learn.
Research tells us that as adults we learn in one or more of three basic ways:
  • Hearing new information
  • Seeing text and images that conveys new information
  •  Applying new information
The online format of the course offers four inter-rated learning opportunities.
Narrated slides enable you to see and hear new information: there are no boring talking heads or pages of dense text.
The workbook helps you apply new information and customize it for your own use.

Showcasing Your Authentic True Self

This course is not is not about reaching completion.
Nor is it about achieving perfection.
It’s about planting seeds and shifting your mindset towards the belief that can attract the new business that you want.
This means it’s also is about helping you showcase your authentic true self.  As a result, you can  distinguish yourself in your marketplace and stand out from the competition.
Your distinctiveness will help attract more ideal clients, the kinds for people whom you love to serve … and are really good at satisfying.
You may not feel distinctive right now ... and that’s OK.
The course will help you work with what you have and move to towards what you want.
You can’t change the past so be careful not to dwell there or attach to expectations based on the past.
Just imagine the outcome … you as an attractive, distinctive service professional attracting all of the ideal clients that you want … and can manage.

How Lesson 1 Will Help You

      Video Lesson

      This short video lesson (only 3 minutes 52 seconds) will help you understand:
      • Why it’s necessary to distinguish yourself from all others
      • The factors that make you unique in your marketplace


      In the accompanying worksheet, you will identify:
      • Your best experience from past jobs & work positions
      • Your personal values
      • Factors that contribute to your being your authentic true self 
      When you finish Lesson 1, you will understand what distinguishes you and helps you stand out from the crowd.
      As a result, you can incorporate your distinctiveness into your marketing communications. 
      In turn, this will help you showcase your authentic true self, a key factor in attracting more ideal clients and generating more new business.

      Complete Table of Contents

      The free version of Lesson 1 also includes a copy of the workbook's complete Table of Contents
       This identifies 28 action steps that will help you customize and implement what you will learn in the course.
      This Table of Contents will do more than preview the comprehensiveness of this course.
      It will also serve as a checklist for developing your own personal brand … regardless of whether or not you decide to order the complete course.
      Along with the video component, the Table of Contents is yours to keep.
      Hopefully, after you have tried out Lesson 1 and its accompanying worksheet, you will want the entire course.  
      That would be great … thank you in advance. 
      If however, for whatever reason you decide against buying the course at this point, feel free to keep the Table of Contents and use it as a checklist for developing your own personal brand.
      It’s all good!
      Start to distinguish yourself and stand out from the crowd NOW!
      Click the "Free Lesson" button.
      When you have completed Lesson 1, you can continue the course ...
      and also get your free access to the Authentic Marketing course.
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